Thursday, 1 October 2015

Traffic on A New Blog : How To Get Traffic On Your Blog


This blog post focuses on how to get traffic for a new blog. After creating a blog, the next thing that comes to the mindset of a new blog owner is how to generate traffic for the blog. Truth be told, the blogosphere is saturated as we have millions of blogs fighting for relevance and blog traffic in their respective niches.

Generating traffic for your blog is not hard if you are the determined and hardworking type. Once blogging is your passion, then I believe that quality content rich in SEO should be the starting point to success in page ranking so as to attract organic traffic.

In this post, we will focus on ways to generate traffic to your new blog as this helps in the recognition of your brand by internet users.

1. Forum Participation

Participating in forums and discussions is a positive foundation for getting traffic to your new blog. Here, you keep a decent profile by not spamming on threads and discussion boards and also by posting quality comments that will add great values to the topic or post. This makes readers see you as an individual full of knowledge and that’s great for the profile of a new blogger. Many will be tempted to check your profile and click on your blog link and that will definitely help in building great traffic for your new blog. Forum participation has always been the key to generating traffic for a new blog as it exposes you to thousands and millions of active members in the forum.

NOTE: You should participate in discussions that are related to your niche as a blogger.

2. Comment On Other Related Blogs

Commenting on blogs with high traffic which are related to your niche is vital in generating traffic to a new blog. Here, you have to be mindful of the comments as many high profile bloggers (and even average bloggers) delete comments (with links pointing to a blog or site) that doesn’t add any value to their posts. Therefore, when commenting on other blogs, submit a good comment that will add value to what the poster has said. Doing this will not only prevent your comment with link not to be deleted but will attract great visitors from that blog to yours because they believe that since you can make such contributive comment, that you have great things to offer in your blog. And with this, you will get great traffic to your new blog.

3. Social Media Fan Page

The power of social media cannot be underestimated these days. Setting up a social media page is one of the keys in getting blog recognition and generating genuine traffic to a new blog.  Social media has helped a lot of people in attracting sales and recognition for their brands. Don’t expect the Social media pages to start generating millions of traffic to your new blog immediately as it will take a bit of time but with quality contents, your traffic can increase from tens to hundreds and to thousands within a short period of time. To generate traffic to a new blog from social media, it is advisable that you set up the pages with your blog name and that you update the pages more often so as to keep people glued to them. Social media sites that can generate good traffic to your blog include facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

NOTE: Posting/Tweeting about your blog at least once a day on your social media pages/account is very vital.

4. Quality Contents Rich in SEO

This simply applies for generating organic traffic to a new blog from search engines. SEO is not a hard thing to do. Many bloggers hire some people to write search engine optimized contents for them. You as a blogger can also sit down, dedicate your time and equip yourself with the basic and advanced knowledge of SEO. Target specific keywords in your quality contents and ingest on-page optimization in them and I bet you will be on google or bing’s search first page. 

5. Paid Advertising/Boosting Of Blog Posts

This is definitely one of the fastest ways to get traffic for new blogs. Social media sites like facebook and twitter can be used in generating traffic by boosting the posts through paid advertising. Another benefit of includes more page likes and followers. This method is capital intensive for new blogs, but a blogger can create an advertising plan and decide on which posts to advertise and how much to spend on them. This will go a long way in reducing cost while driving a great traffic to the blog.

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