Friday, 25 September 2015

How To Create Clickable Links In Your Comments On Other Blogs

how to create and put links in comments on other blogs

This blog post is centred on providing solution to the problem of adding a clickable link to your comments on other blogs. Many bloggers submit a link while leaving a comment on the comment section of high traffic blogs but they see that the link is not clickable thereby won’t be able to attract more traffic from the visitors to the blog. Creating a clickable link will ensure a highly productive link, fast access and redirection to your blog when people click on them and therefore increasing your blog traffic. These steps listed below shows how best you can add a clickable blog link in your comments on high traffic blogs.

  1st STEP
Open a new tab on your browser and type in the name of the blog or site that you want to leave a comment on.

2nd  STEP
Click on any post you like. When it opens, locate the comment session and click on add a comment/post a comment (for blogger blogs) or go ahead and fill out the details in the comment form (as in wordpress sites or blogs)

3rd STEP
Here you will add a good comment cos it will be akward and unprofessional if you just leave only the link to your blog or site or affiliate store. Contribute to the post by leaving a credible comment. After making a credible comment, enter this HTML CODE:

<a href="">Visit My Blog For Blogger Tips</a>

Now change " " to the website or blog you want to link to. Also Change " Visit My Blog For Blogger Tips " to whatever text word  you want to display as the link.

4th STEP
After you have done all these, simply click on "Post Comment" to submit your comment and link to the blog or site. The comments and link will appear immediately if it is a blog that doesn’t support comment approval by the owner. But if it a blog or site that supports comments moderation, then your comments and link will appear after the owner has approved the comment.

Thanks, Hope this helps? I’m eager to hear the good news of your success with this post. Please don’t copy and paste, rather share the post and if copied, kindly give us the credit. Thanks.


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